We're here for justice for black and Latino kids

We focus on:

  • Increasing diversity in STEM fields
  • Developing the most engaging curriculum ever
  • Developing youth into leaders
  • Integrating technology into instruction and music production
  • Using critical hip hop pedagogy and project based learning to ensure all students achieve academically, socially and become dynamic problem solvers. 


We show up day after day, week after week, year after year because we find educational inequity to be completely unacceptable. We're here to close the opportunity gap for all kids. We're here to ensure that the pipeline in STEM fields is full of women and men of color. We're here to make sure black girls envision themselves as engineers and set and meet their academic goals. We're here to make sure that black and brown kids aren't suspended, but rather embraced when they struggle in classrooms. We're here to build the most engaging, tech centered classrooms in the world. We're here to empower educators of color and we're here to share our knowledge with others who want to close the opportunity and thus achievement gap. We're here for justice.